How to Install Cisco Packet Tracer 8.1.1 on Windows 10

How to Install Cisco Packet Tracer 8.1.1 on Windows 10

Cisco Packet Tracer 8.1.1 is currently the latest version for Cisco Netacad members. The software can be downloaded from the Cisco Networking Academy website.

Any installation in Windows requires only clicks. Click the .exe file you downloaded to run Packet Tracer on Windows 10.

Step 1: In the Setup wizard, select “I accept the agreement” and click Next.

Step 2: Setup will show the folder where the program’s shortcuts will be created. If you want to change the folder, you can change it.

Step 3: The program will ask if you want to create a desktop and quick start icons. Make your own choice and click Next.

Step 4: A summary of the selected settings is displayed. Now click “Install” to install Cisco Packet Tracer.

Step 5: Click Finish after installation is completed in a few seconds.

Step 6: Click “OK” in the following window, asking you to shut down or restart your computer.

Step 7: Packet Tracer will configure the directory where you specify a backup of your user files. Finally, click “OK.”

Step 8: Packet Tracker starts automatically. Log in with your username and password.

Step 9: Remember your login and password because you will need them on the authentication page, and if everything goes well, you will be successfully logged into Packet Tracer.

Finally, you will have an interface where you can perform your simulation.

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