What is a Router?

A router establishes and directs communication between two networks. It is possible to define routing or managing processes as determining the route of a data packet from any station to another station and delivering the data on this route properly without any problems.

It helps the computers in the network to find their way, and in short, it is the internet hardware that has done the job of moving the ip packets in a network from one network to another.

While it directs the roaming of the devices in the network, it ensures that the packets are transmitted from the switch to the port in the most reliable way. These routers are among the most important computer network equipment that provides the organization of network traffic in large network structures.

How to Install a Router?

It may be necessary to follow a different installation order for each Router, but if there is a user manual with a purchased Cisco Router, following the steps in this guide makes it easier to install.

Normally, there is no booklet given to the user for the router, but if there are another installation media instead of the booklet, the installation process can be completed with the help of this media.

According to these, Router modems, which are of a new generation, no longer need to use installation media to use the modem.

After making the connections of the router properly, the necessary settings for the internet connection can be made with the information given to the users through the service provider.

What is the Routing Table?

The routing table contains valid routes on the network.

As you can see here, if you want to send a packet from network A to network C, the router chooses the best route for the packet, but this does not mean that this is the shortest route. It also checks the router Ethernet cables and router Ethernet categories.

What is Hop Number?

For example, you want to send a message to someone who lives in another city. The message to be sent first goes out over the router in the sender’s house and goes to the destination from one of the internet provider’s routers.

With every router the package visits, the number of hops increases by one. As in the example above, if a ping occurs from Network A to Network D, the packet visits 2 routers, therefore the hop count is 2.

What is Access Point?

Access Point devices are expressed as the name given to all devices that connect more than one computer, more than one mobile device, and smartphones, in short, all devices that can access the Internet.

Access Points are mostly used to convert wired connections into wireless connections. Apart from the AP’s ability to convert wired internet to wireless wifi internet, it can also be used as a signal repeater “Repeater”.

In Access Points, the Repeater option is often preferred indoors in order to provide an internet connection to extreme locations or by users who do not want to experience cable pollution.

APs are specially produced depending on the conditions of the environment, whether indoors or outdoors. It is produced for outdoor access points with a special working principle to ensure signal continuity in bad weather conditions and has a high level of durability compared to indoor products.

What are the Differences Between Access Point and Router?

There are many functional and structural differences between access point and router, but when it comes to buying, users do not know what to choose between these two products.

It is seen that these users, who mostly have wireless internet requests, face such a problem. The main reason for choosing a router can be thought of as the process of creating an internet connection for everyone, connecting to the network, and dividing it into computers.

Access Points are generally used as a repeater, so there is no DHCP module on them. Therefore, since it cannot give users an IP, it cannot perform the process of spreading the internet connection to users.

They are used only to strengthen the existing connection and to spread it over more areas. If there is a wireless router at home or in the office, an AP can be used to set up a wireless network.

What is a Modem?

The modem can be defined as a telecommunication system device that converts digital signals into analog signals, that is, into the telephone network, and analog signals, that is, into a computer interface from the telephone network, to digital signals, through DEmodulation and MODulation.

It also has tasks such as converting binary data, message and control signals over the interface, converting signals for establishing and terminating connections, generating data packets, recovering clock in synchronous networks, adapting data signals in binary form in the transmission path.

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